Sunday, February 9, 2014

I had the opportunity to do a 3 hours Gnomon Workshop yesterday. This is the quick design I created to show my pipeline for creating my designs using 3DSMax, VRay and Photoshop. Thanks to who attended the class!!
I started with some quick thumbnails to explore the silhouettes:

This is what I was able to do during the workshop:

And I decided to finish this up as a portfolio piece, so I put more hours today to detail the lose areas and rendered other views:


  1. Fantastic Stuff Fausto! Thanks again for the Workshop, and for taking the time to chat with us; it was well worth the trip for me from San Francisco to Gnomon. Btw me & wife went to see Robocop today...I thought it was PHENOMENAL... Love, loved the design work & to top it off, it was an engaging thoughtful film, you all should be PROUD!!!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words Rob! Wow, I had no idea you came down from SF to watch my workshop! What an honor! I just watched as well, I was really happy to see the amazing work that Framestore did on translating the designs to the movie and the rest of the hard work of the whole crew involved in this project. :))

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  3. My pleasure, please let us know if you guys decide to release an art of (RoboCop) book!