Sunday, April 7, 2013

T-036 Pulse Rifle

Just trying something more boxy and asymmetrical for a rifle design. Thanks to Aaron Beck for the inspiration ;) 

Description: The T-036 is a compact assault rifle. It fires regular high impact Caliber 6.30 mm ammunition and secondary 8.00 mm grande launcher.
The Pulse rifle operates with a high energy electric supply which eliminates the need for manual reloading on the grenade launcher. 


  1. great job as usual man!! :)
    are these rendered in max/vray?

  2. Thank so much Gavriil!! Very glad you liked!

    Yeah, I used Max and vray :)



  3. Thanks so much man, very glad you liked!!

  4. Nice solidity in design fausto. Will be looking frward to more complexities. ;)

  5. I'd like to know the dimensions, is it possible you could tell? I really would like to make a physical model

  6. I like the production of this gun. It's futuristic and looks powerful. If only I could have a prototype of it so that I could feel what its like and what the actual scale is.